Three phase transformer ppt

Hello everyone, hope you guys are doing great. The detailed discussion on the windings will also be the part of this tutorial. The real life applications associated with such transformer will also be provided. The schematic diagram along with its circuit diagram will be given in order to get the better understanding. Moreover, the basic and important part of this discussion will be the working of a three phase transformer. The three phase transformer can be built just by winding three single phase transformers on the single core.

It is basically an iron core having three legs. Every leg has both primary and secondary windings respectively.

In three phase transformers, most of the power is dissipated as three phase alternating current. Is most of the power generation companies, power is generated with the rotation of three different windings or coils by the inner magnetic field of that particular generator.

These windings are separated by degrees from each other. Power is generated when they rotate in the presence of the magnetic field. Three phase transformers are usually used for stepping up and down the higher level of voltages at the different stages of a power transmission system. Power generation at grid stations is the three phase power to be transmitted along long transmission lines.

Three phase power is normally generated at either 6kV or 11kV. The power is transmitted at higher voltage levels in order to reduce the line loses. Power is usually transmitted at kV or kV along the transmission lines. The step up transformer is used to step up the voltage at the higher levels. These higher voltages are then stepped down at the customer end according to the requirements. The voltages are normally stepped down to the levels of V or V.

The circuit diagram helps in understanding all the components of the transformer. The circuit diagram is below:. The turn ration is different for both star and delta connection.

The turn ration for star-delta connection can be represented by the expression shown below. The advantages associated with the electrical components shows their reliability as well as quality of work. The major advantage of three phase transformers is: For the same kVA rating, it is smaller in size, cost effective lighter in weight in comparison to the three individual single phase transformers connected together. The major applications associated of the three phase transformers include their uses as:Power transformers Distribution transformers In electrical grids.

I hope you enjoyed the discussion. Meanwhile, if you guys have any sort of query, you can ask us in comments. Our team will surely respond you. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. July 12, Muhammad Nashit Leave a comment. Table of Contents. Three phase transformer.In this tutorial, we will see a brief Introduction to Transformers.

We will learn what is an electric transformer, the construction of a transformer, its working principle, classifications of transformers, losses and efficiency and some applications. A transformer is one of the most common devices found in electrical system that links the circuits which are operating at different voltages. These are commonly used in applications where there is a need of AC voltage conversion from one voltage level to another.

Transformer Testing.ppt

It is possible either to decrease or increase the voltage and currents by the use of transformer in AC circuits based on the requirements of the electrical equipment or device or load.

Various applications use wide variety of transformers including power, instrumentation and pulse transformers. In a broad, transformers are categorized into two types, namely, electronic transformers and power transformers.

Electronic transformers operating voltages are very low and are rated at low power levels. The term power transformer is referred to the transformers with high power and voltage ratings. These are extensively used in power generation, transmission, distribution and utility systems to increase or decrease the voltage levels.

However, the operation involved in these two types of transformers is same. So let us go in detail about the transformers. A transformer is a static device means that has no moving parts that consists of one, two or more windings which are magnetically coupled and electrically separated with or without a magnetic core. It transfers the electrical energy from one circuit to the other by electromagnetic induction principle.

The winding connected to the AC main supply is called primary winding and the winding connected to the load or from which energy is drawn out is called as secondary winding. These two windings with proper insulation are wound on a laminated core which provides a magnetic path between windings.

When the primary winding is energized with alternating voltage source, an alternating magnetic flux or field will be produced in the transformer core. This magnetic flux amplitude depends on the applied voltage magnitude, frequency of the supply and the number of turns on the primary side. This flux circulates through the core and hence links with the secondary winding.

Based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, this magnetic linking induces a voltage in the secondary winding. This is called as mutual induction between two circuits. The secondary voltage depends on the number of turns on the secondary as well as magnetic flux and frequency. Transformers are extensively used in electrical power systems to produce the variable values of voltage and currents at the same frequency.

Thereforeby an appropriate primary and secondary turns proportion desired voltage ratio is obtained by the transformer. Back to top.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play. Get the plugin now. Toggle navigation. Help Preferences Sign up Log in.

three phase transformer ppt

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Title: Single Phase Transformers. Description: smaller size single phase transformers can be used for providing three phase LT Electronic meters fixed on the LV Side of the distribution transformers Tags: phase single transformers.

Latest Highest Rated. Distribution Systems 2 Nature of Rural Loads Loads in rural India are predominantly pumpsets used for lift irrigation These loads have low p. To fetch a load of one pump set of 5 HP 4 kw two or three L. If used for domestic services about consumers can be connected They run for about Hrs in an year of hours. What is the linkage between load density and type of Distribution System Economics payback period Policy on procurement of single phase transformers 11 AB H.

Single phase transformers 6. Delta - Star 14 Comparison 15 C Linkage with current density In Metro areas with high load densities as high as 20 MW per sq km due to rise multistoried complexes enough load can be met with practically no LT In smaller urban areas, single phase transformers can be employed selectively for single phase as well as three phase 16 C Linkage with current density Contd.

Even if one limb fails, single phase loads on that phase can be distributed on the other two and the failed unit can be replaced very quickly as it is easy to transport and erect In the case of 3 phase large capacity transformers, entire unit is to be replaced and down time is high 17 C Linkage with current density Contd. The loads are too small that they cannot contribute to high unbalances.

LV system is responsible for high loss scenario as LV line losses are 6 times of target limit and 3 times maximum tolerable limit. Switchover to HVDS alone can bring losses to international norms. Hence compliance with IE rule. The current for distribution of same power in L. Voltage drop at the consumer end. High I2R losses. Frequent motor burn-outs due to low voltage and consequent expenditure on repairs. Transformer failures-expenditure towards repairs and inconvenience to the consumers.

Fluctuations in voltages due to more number of consumers connected under this transformer say 25 to 30 consumers. Nobody owns the transformer since everybody thinks that others will take care of the transformer. Energy sent out from the transformer measured. During the same period energy consumed by the Agricultural consumers measured.A three phase transformer is used to transfer a large amount of power.

The three phase transformer is required to step-up and step-down the voltages at various stages of a power system network. The three phase transformer is constructed in two ways. The three single-phase transformer can be used as a three-phase transformer when their primary and secondary winding are connected to each other.

The three phase transformer supply has many advantages as compared to three single phase units like it requires very less space and also very lighter smaller and cheaper in size. The three phase transformer is mainly classified into two types, i. If the three legs carrying these fluxes are combined, the total flux in the merged leg becomes zero.

This leg can, therefore, be removed because it carries the no flux. This structure is not convenient for the core. The core of the three phase transformer is usually made up of three limbs in the same plane.

Introduction to Transformers

This can be built using stack lamination. The each leg of this core carries the low voltage and high voltage winding. The low voltage windings are insulated from the core than the high voltage windings. The low windings are placed next to the core with suitable insulation between the core and the low voltage windings.

The high voltage windings are placed over the low voltage windings with suitable insulation between them. The magnetic paths of the leg a and c are greater than that of leg b, the construction is not symmetrical, and there is a resultant imbalance in the magnetising current.

three phase transformer ppt

The shell type 3-phase transformer can be constructed by stacking three single phase shell transformer as shown in the figure below. The winding direction of the central unit b is made opposite to that of units a and c. If the system is balanced with phase sequence a-b-c, the flux will also be balanced. The magnitude of this combined flux is equal to the magnitude of each of its components.

The cross section area of the combined yoke is same as that of the outer leg and top and bottom section of the yoke. The imbalance in the magnetic path has very little effect on the performance of the three shell-type transformers.

The windings of the shell type three phase transformer are either connected in delta or star as desired. Also see; Three-Transformer Connections. Very nice article, but there is one confusion in my mind that what is the type of mostly used distribution transformer. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Circuit Globe All about Electrical and Electronics.

three phase transformer ppt

Electronic Instrumentation. Why are tranformer voltage rating in 11kv,33kv ,66kv …. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Login New User.

Sign Up. Forgot Password? New User? Continue with Google Continue with Facebook. Gender Male Female. Create Account. Already Have an Account? Full Screen. Atransformer is a static static machines machines. Transformer is not not an an energy energy conversion conversion device device, but is a device device that that changes changes AC AC electrical electrical power power at at one one voltage voltage level level into into AC AC electrical electrical power power at at another another voltage voltage level level through through the the action action of of magnetic magnetic field, field, without without a a change change in in frequency frequency.

It Itcan can be be either either to to step step- -up up or or step step down down. If the flux passes through a coil of wire, a voltage will be induced in the turns of wire. This voltage is directly proportional to the rate of change in the flux with respect of time.

For an ac sources,? For an ideal transformer? In the equilibrium condition, both the input power will be equaled to the output power, and this condition is said to ideal condition of a transformer. From the ideal transformer circuit, note that,? Constructional Features of D. C Generators Doc 14 pages D. C Motors Doc 29 pages.The power supply system is mainly classified into two types, i. The single phase is used in a place where less power is required and for running the small loads.

The three phases are used in large industries, factories and in the manufacturing unit where a large amount of power is required. One of the major difference between the single phase and the three phase is that the single phase consists one conductor and one neutral wire whereas the three phase supply uses three conductors and one neutral wire for completing the circuit.

Some other differences between them are explained below in the comparison chart. The power supply through three conductors. Wave Shape Number of wire. Require two wires for completing the circuit. Requires four wires for completing the circuit. In large industries and for running heavy loads. The single phase requires two wires for completing the circuit, i. The conductor carries the current and the neutral is the return path of the current.

The single phase supplies the voltage up to volts. The three phase system consist four wires, three conductors and one neutral. The three phase system is also used as a single phase system. For the low load, one phase and neutral can be taken from the three phase supply. The three phase supply is continuous and never completely drops to zero. In three phase system power can be drawn either in a star or delta configuration.

The star connection is used for long distance transmission because it has neutral for the fault current.

Lecture - 34 Three Phase Transformer

The star connection of the three phase allows the use of two different voltages i. The V is supplied by using the one phase and one neutral wire, and the three phase is supply between any two phases. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Circuit Globe All about Electrical and Electronics. Electronic Instrumentation. Excellent article and it is very helpfull for me.

Very helpful for final round of studies in exams. Thank you so much for this basic information…it will be very helpful for everyone. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Figure 5.

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