Our lady of the valley staff

Our Lady of the Valley offers a number of ministries to share your God given gifts of time and talents with the Church and the community. I earnestly encourage all of you to give to God in return by engaging in one or more ministries in the Church.

The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are those who help in the distribution of the Precious Body and Blood of Christ during the Eucharist and those who take the Eucharist to the sick and home bound. Readers are those who proclaim the Word of God during the Eucharist and other liturgical services.

It is a very important ministry as you become the voice of God Proclaiming His Word. This is a ministry closely connected to liturgy. The altar servers help the priest in all liturgical functions. They are an essential part of the liturgy, especially the Eucharist.

They help in the smooth performance of liturgy and help everyone to pray and worship better. Their role in liturgy is indispensable. Any child who has received first Holy Communion is eligible to be an altar server.

Our Lady of the Valley School Students

Altar servers come 15 minutes prior to Mass, vest themselves with altar server robes, light the candles and join for prayer before Mass. It is not hard to be an altar server. We do have regular training for altar servers. Parents, please encourage your children to serve at the altar.

Help children to do their share of service to the Church. Everyone who serves at the altar should be properly disposed to things of God and their conduct at the altar should be proper to the sacred liturgical action helping the congregation to focus and participate better.

It is a minor Order conferred by the Bishop. All priests receive this order during the years of theological studies. Their proper function is to serve at the altar helping the priest at all liturgical functions. They set the altar for the liturgy of the Eucharist, assist the priest in distributing communion and take communion to the sick.

They can also expose the Blessed Sacrament for Eucharistic adoration and bring communion from the tabernacle and take it back.

This is a wonderful ministry that is closely connected to liturgy. John Bosco. A good choir attracts people from all over. Our Church community has a lot of talents. We need more members to join our choir. Young or old, all are welcome. It is God who has given you the voice and talents. God only expects us to sing his praises with the voice He has given us. Please use your God-given voice to give praise to Him and also to help raise the minds and hearts of others to God. We also need the talents of those who can play musical instruments.

We love to see a lovely choir with instruments that lead everyone to a deeper experience of the liturgy. We appreciate very much those musicians and choir members who already share their talents with the Church.

By our baptism we have accepted the responsibility to spread the faith. Parents are the first teachers of faith. To supplement their efforts the Church provides opportunities for faith formation for a range of ages 1st — 5th grade religious education, 6thth grade youth group, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, and additional adult faith formation programs.

Many volunteers are needed for the success of these programs and initiatives. RCIA is the process by which those who wish to join the Catholic faith community are welcomed and introduced to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. For those not yet baptized, this process leads to the Easter Vigil where they receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.The parish office is closed until future notice.

We welcome all to share fully in the life of our Parish community. Due to the decision of the Wayne Township Public Schools, all Faith Formation and Confirmation classes, registration, and Wednesday night Youth Group meetings and social are cancelled through and including Monday, April This also includes 9th Grade reconciliation scheduled for March All families received an email from the Faith Formation Office notifying them of these cancellations and any other information necessary for your child's grade.

If you have any questions, please call the office. All completed applications must be recieved as noted in the application by May 31, Application available here. A growing number of parishes are reporting that emails have been received by their parishioners, allegedly from their pastor or a member of the parish staff, asking people to purchase gift cards or send money to help the poor.

This is a total scam — and unfortunately is being seen around the country. Monday to Friday:. Parish Registration Donation. Diocesan Webpage on Coronavirus. Text and Email Phishing Scam Alert A growing number of parishes are reporting that emails have been received by their parishioners, allegedly from their pastor or a member of the parish staff, asking people to purchase gift cards or send money to help the poor.

Tuesday in the Octave of Easter. O Mary, you always shine on our path as a sign of salvation and of hope. You know what we need, and we are sure you will provide so that, as in Cana of Galilee, we may return to joy and to feasting after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to conform to the will of the Father and to do as we are told by Jesus, who has taken upon himself our sufferings and carried our sorrows to lead us, through the cross, to the joy of the resurrection. Peter VB.A ministry directed by Catholic Charities of South Carolina. A rural multipurpose community center established in to minister to the needs of the less fortunate in Horse Creek Valley without regard to religious belief, age, race, sex, national origin or disability.

To identify and respond to the unmet needs of the community in the Horse Creek Valley area of Aiken County, in the name of Jesus Christ. Another year is coming to an end, and has been a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, the word "thank you" is not powerful enough to describe what the heart feels, yet there is no other way I can fully express my gratitude for the support you have given to OLV Center. I thank God for all our volunteers, donors, and partners who have made helping others possible. Our volunteers help pick up, sort, and put away food donations. They greet, with a smile, all those who they come in contact with. Whether they have been involved for a few days, or for years, we thank God for the vital role they play in the Center.

No donation is too small and it is greatly appreciated.

our lady of the valley staff

We thank all our donors and partners for their continued support, especially those who responded to our letter asking for help. Without your gifts, we would not be able to do what we do, and this year is proof of it. Looking forward to the new yearwe ask you to pray for us as we'll do for you.

May you have a blessed and joyful Christmas. Minnie is a retired federal government employee with 27 years' service. She was a purchasing agent and contract specialist. She was a member of St. Vincent de Paul for several years during which she served as treasurer.

In MayMinnie was asked by one of the Daughters of Charity to assist with the office work at the center under a six-month grant. In Januarywhen the grant was completed, she continued working with the sisters as a volunteer. Minnie is known as the go-to-lady!A true treasurer of the Star City of the South.

A Catholic Cathedral worthy of any European City If you are I was told by the rehab therapists, who OLV contracts that out to Genesis Rehab Services, my mother, who is disabled, could stand and transition from her wheelchair to another chair, toilet or bed. However when I got her home this was not the case. The rehab therapists told me twice they issued orders to OLV's nursing staff to discontinue using the sit-to-stand lift on my mother so she could get used to getting in and out of bed again without it.

The nursing staff either never got that order or they chose to ignore it. My mother was further debilitated because of it. The food at OLV is nearly inedible and I would describe it as "slop". My mother would barely eat it and when she got home, it seemed to me she was malnourished. I even cooked Sunday dinner for her and brought it to her so that she would at least have one good meal a week during her stay at OLV.

OLV made several promises to me that they would give my mother a pneumonia shot but they never did. I had the albuterol but no way to administer it. I did get a nebulizer but I should have been told beforehand insurance wouldn't cover it. Jessica Dowdy seems to me to be someone who will promise anything to the family members just to pacify them for the moment but is short on following through.

I don't know if she's so busy she can't keep up with everything she promises or that's just her work habit. So it seems they hire people who have either worked a checkout line in a store or flipped burgers in a fast food restaurant, give them a smattering of training and then put them in caring for patients. One of these CNAs even made an off-color remark to my mother when the CNA was showering my mother saying to her she was "like bathing three people. When I went to visit my mother that evening, she was crying and she told me what the Genesis rehab therapist said to her.

The next morning I went down to the OLV rehab gym myself and quite loudly told them if they ever threatened my mother like that again I was going to take it as mental and emotional abuse and I was going to cause "real trouble" meaning I would seek legal action against Genesis Rehab Services and OLV.

I have since purchased a sit-to-stand lift for my mother and I can now get her up with that but upon coming home, she was confined to her bed for over two weeks until all the items I needed arrived.

Fortunately I am able to take care of her cleanliness needs while in bed. I also now have in-home rehab services coming in to see if they can get my mother to stand and then eventually turn and transition without the lift again. I will never trust OLV with nursing care again. In my opinion, OLV isn't suited to kennel a dog much less putting them in the care of loved ones.

I would advise anyone not to put their family members in OLV or move them to another facility if they already have one in residency there. The church was undergoing restoration but it was easy to access the main building. The inside view of the stain glass was worth the time and effort. This had a pretty decor built more than years ago. The congregation was friendly. The message from the priest was intriguing. I was disappointed, because it was hard to find the prayer room, and when I did, there were no matches, I had to chase someone down, and they gave me an electric grill lighter, that barely worked.

When I finally got the candle lit, and was praying, a man in a wheelchair busted in, and asked for the lighter back, asked if I was done, and when I told him yes, he immediately blew my candle out, saying they were trying to save candles. I was very disappointed.

our lady of the valley staff

We toured this building with several friends,one of whom was a church member. It was very special.It is the oldest parish in the western San Fernando Valleyhaving been established in When the parish was established, the western Valley was sparsely populated, and most of the parishioners were involved in agriculture with livestock or walnut and orange groves.

Our Lady of the Valley, Helena

In the years after World War IIthe San Fernando Valley shifted from agriculture to residential communities, and the Catholic population also swelled. John J. Hurley was pastor at Our Lady of the Valley from until It was renovated and reopened in November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Lady of the Valley. March 15, Los Angeles Times. January 12, November 18, San Fernando Valley schools. Burbank High John Burroughs High. Anderson W. Calabasas Other schools are in the Conejo Valley.

Montclair College Prep. Los Angeles County private schools.

our lady of the valley staff

Mirman Nishiyamato Academy of California. Int'l Bilingual. John Thomas Dye Westland. Wilshire Private.Main Office. Uxbridge, MA Willand — Principal. Anderson — Administrative Assistant. Lukas- School Nurse. Nealon — Grade 7.

Remillard — Grade 6. Flick — Grade 5. Hayes — Grade 4. Weed — Grade 3. Grady — Grade 2. Graves — Grade 1. Potter — Kindergarten. Hay — PreK 4. Grammatic — PreK 3. Lynch — Spanish. Search for:. Willand — Principal mrswilland olvuxbridge.

Anderson — Administrative Assistant mrsanderson olvuxbridge. Lukas- School Nurse mrslukas olvuxbridge. Nealon — Grade 7 mrsnealon olvuxbridge. Remillard — Grade 6 msremillard olvuxbridge. Flick — Grade 5 mrflick olvuxbridge. Hayes — Grade 4 mrshayes olvuxbridge. Weed — Grade 3 mrsweed olvuxbridge. Grady — Grade 2 mrsgrady olvuxbridge.

Graves — Grade 1 mrsgraves olvuxbridge. Potter — Kindergarten mrspotter olvuxbridge. Hay — PreK 4 mrshay olvuxbridge. Grammatic — PreK 3 mrsgrammatic olvuxbridge.Our pastor, Fr Damian Amantia, T. If you are a parish representative and would like to learn more about making your weekly bulletins available on DiscoverMass.

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DiscoverMass and MassTimes. This is helpful for the Church and helps ensure greater accuracy for Catholics looking for Mass times on the Internet. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

The Lord is the strength of his people, a fortress of salvation for his anointed one. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Mary Our Lady of Grace Description.

Mary Our Lady of Grace are below. Once again, we welcome you! Fr Damian Amantia, T. Please call the church at or consult the parish website for current Mass times and service information.

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our lady of the valley staff

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